My whole career Story:
I’d studied motion graphics design by myself for expressing my feelings to my beloved person, but I ended up falling in love with it! As I said before, I suddenly found myself working on a project with VFX details and some motion graphics. I started learning whatever I wanted from YouTube and other websites for motion graphics. It was hard, but I started an internship at two different companies. After that, I had a very short period of immigration to the capital of Iran, Tehran. I passed the professional courses in aftereffects and illustration. Because of COVID-19, I had no choice but to get back to my home town. A few months later, I got a job at the advertising company “Khatoon.” I had a great time there, and after that, I was invited to one of the best companies in Mashhad, “GreenWeb-Iranserver.” Working with professionals was a chance to grow up fast and work harder in a global module of project management. After a while, I had a chance to work on freelancing projects and even on NFT projects. After that, I had no choice but to change my company because of the Internet problem in the whole country. I had a chance to coordinate some graphic designers, photographers, and video editors at “Rahbal Aseman Agency.” The borders of improvement were not as I really expected. So I wanted to change my field and make myself a little more challenging. I started working as a graphic designer at one of the famous agencies, “Mato.” The challenges were a lot more than I really imagined. After a while, I became a senior graphic designer at the agency. I had a good experience with visual designs and a better understanding of the meaning of graphics. It was good to now use my skills in motion design for better results. In addition to improving my visual design skills, working at Mato gave me invaluable knowledge about all aspects associated with motion design. As I start a new chapter in my career, I’m driven to make the most of my varied skill set and experiences in a brand-new, global environment so that I can make a meaningful contribution and keep pursuing motion graphic design excellence.

Mato Marcom Agency

Visual Identity Designer, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics Designer

Collaborating with many brands like “Shahsavand, Saharkhiz, Cafe Noon, Mashhad Persian Carpet, Mahvand, Hosseini Brother’s, Negin Mosalla Hotel, bekli oil, Pronuts, Topik, Bluewing …”
Visual Identity design, Social media Design, web design, catalog design and motion graphics.
Oct 2023 – Present

Rahbal Aseman Travel Agency

Visual Identity Designer, Coordinator of Designers, Motion Graphics Designer, Video Editor

Directly managing and creating visual contents for Palace Hotel Kish-Island.
Graphic Design, Photography, Videography for social media. And another project which was related to the Rahbal Agency’s ads.
Feb 2023 – Oct 2023

GreenWeb – Iran Server

Motion Graphics Designer, Video Editor, 3D illustration

Directly creating visual contents for IranServer social media regularly and for marketing campaigns.
Aug 2021 – Feb 2023

Khatoon Advertising Agency

Motion Graphics Designer, Video Editor, Graphics

Creating motion graphics design for “Sepidbal cargo, Kaffash …”
Jun 2020 – Jul 2021

Kaktus Advertising Agency

Motion Graphics Designer

Jun 2019 – June 2020

Pishgaman Moj Telephone Hamrah

Motion Graphics Designer

Jun 2019 – Nov 2020

Mashhad Municipality Civil Organization

VFX, Video Editor


Education and Training

  • Azad University 2014-2019
    • BA Software Engineering
  • Sharif University of Technology 2019-2020
    • Advanced Motion Graphics Camp
      1. After Effects
      2. Photoshop
      3. illustrator
      4. Stop motion
      5. Character design
      6. Copyright Ownership
      7. Scenario writing
  • Ferdows institute of higher education University 2022-2024
    • M.Sc Design and Visual Communications

Professional skills

Adobe After Effects primary

Adobe Photoshop secondary

Adobe illustrator secondary

Figma Secondary

Adobe Audition secondary

Adobe Premiere supporting

Blender 3D interested

Licenses & certifications

Employment and work history


I worked as a freelancer for several companies and brands.

Qaemi Insurance agency, Rahbal Aseman travel agency, Sepidbal cargo, Kiddo
Kids club, Ramouz Cafe company, Resalat English academy, Farzam Mohaseb
Accounting institute, Macbeth theater, Caspian Furniture market.